In intensive rearing of sheep and goats; return on investment is a critical issue as is in the traditional system of rearing. Optimizing feeding and management can improve return on investment and ensure maximum profit in intensive and semi-intensive system in sheep and goat farming.
Getting proper body weight gain gives good return on investment, where nutritional strategy plays a major role. Vetrina Healthcare provides perfect nutritional strategy to optimize feeding practices in sheep and goat farming to ensure timely and proper body weight gain.

Stage Nutrition

In kids and lambs, controlling mortality, improving immunity and proper weight gain in first months are successful parameter to get early market weight. Proper feeding at every stage helps good return on investment in sheep and goat farming.


Clinical Nutrition

You can trace every sickness, every diseases and every ailment to the nutrient deficiency. For faster recovery, specific nutritional strategy plays vital role to bring animal back to productivity and health. Vetrina Healthcare develop nutraceuticals range of product for sheep and goats.



Environmental pathogens are major threat for sheep and goat rearing. Disease like FMD, PPR, Brucellosis, Pneumonia and many more; affect health and weight gain in sheep and goats. Control of these organisms on farm with proper biosecurity measure can improve farm profitability.