The growth of Indian poultry industry is highest in agriculture sector. Due to improvement in genetic potential, bird needs accurate nutrition and management. As productivity is always inversely proportional to disease resistance, one has to give more attention towards management, feed, water and biosecurity. Vetrina Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Provides complete range of products which are specially manufactured under strict quality control and which offers an assured nutritional support for highest productivity in the lifespan of broilers, layers and breeders. We provide innovative products which are for farm end, feed end and biosecurity use.

Farm End Supplements

Innovative products formulated to be delivered through water for prompt results. Farmers can use these breed specific, farm specific, shed specific products to overcome diseases and to curtail losses of all types. These high end products have no side effects and residual effects.


Feed End Supplements

Poultry feed plays a vital role in economics of poultry farming. Need-based and innovative solutions cut down the production cost, increase bio-availability and improve the profitability of farming. Feed end supplements provide best & uniform mixability in poultry feed which ensure better performance of every product


Bio-Security and Disinfection

Bio-security is the most important managemental factor to combat the risk of introduction and spread of diseases. Bio-security management contributes a lot in poultry profitability. Products used in biosecurity must be non-corrosive, non-toxic and safe to use without any residual effects.