Everybody wants to have brilliantly coloured and highly intelligent exotic birds as pets. But caring for these captivating creatures is no mean feat. Birds have different temperaments and social needs. They require gentle care; protection from germs, pollution and also a balanced diet that includes more than just seeds to maintain their health, enchanting colours and quirky personalities.
Vetrina Exotic brings to you a complete healthcare range for all aviary birds and other delicate exotic pets. Our products can be given as supportive therapy to control and prevent a myriad of health problems in not just birds but in other exotic pets.

Feed Supplements

Nutritional solutions to combat deficiency diseases; assist recovery from illness and for maintaining all round health, vigour and vitality in your pets. Vetrina Healthcare developed various nutritional products.



Cage cleaning and disinfection is the first step in protecting your pet bird from infections and parasites. With many birds housed together, regular decontamination is critical to stop spread of infections. Prepared from potent and non-toxic ingredients, our products sanitize, deodorize and leave the cages smelling naturally fresh.