Pet parenting is an interesting lifestyle and is increasingly becoming popular. Companion animals provide emotional support and happiness, reduce anxiety, and even improve physical health. To enjoy a long and active life; pets need care and protection. Adequate nutrition and dietary supplements can keep various health problems at bay ensuring your pet’s health and wellness. We, at Vetrina focus on developing reliable solutions to manage health problems through nutritional interventions.

Feed Supplements

Nutritional solutions to combat deficiency diseases; assist recovery from illness and for maintaining all round health, vigour and vitality in your pets, Vetrina Healthcare developed various nutritional products


System Specialty

Managing metabolic and infectious diseases is a complex process. Using synergistic combination of natural botanical extracts and critical micro-nutrient supplementation, our system specialty Vetricare products provide a comprehensive solution to various debilitating disease conditions and increase quality of your pet’s life.



Cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s space is the first step in preventing infections and parasites. Prepared from potent and non-toxic ingredients, our products sanitize, deodorize and leave the space smelling naturally fresh.