In dairy animals, to get optimum production is a great challenge. Farmers keep high yielding animals with good genetics. But incorrect feeding practices deteriorate fertility and animal health which leads to culling and death of producing animals and farmers suffer from huge financial loss. Proper nutritional strategy play vital role in maintaining health and improving productivity in dairy animal, which helps sustainable dairy farming practices.

Stage Nutrition

For optimum productivity, fertility and health; stage nutrition plays a major role in nutritional management from calf to the cow & cow to the calf. All different growing and production stages have different nutritional requirements. Providing specific nutrients at specific stages with required quantity helps optimum performance..


Clinical Nutrition

You can trace every sickness, every diseases and every ailment to nutritional deficinecy. For faster recovery, specific nutritional strategy plays vital role to bring animal back to productivity and health. For sustainable increase of profitability in dairy farming, proper nutritional strategy play vital role in maintaining animal health, productivity and fertility.



Environmental pathogens are major threat to dairy animal productivity. Diseases like FMD, Mastitis, Brucellosis and many more deteriorate animal health and farm productivity. Control of infectious organism on farm with bio-security and proper diagnostic tools to identify and control further damages to farm health can improve farm productivity.