The livestock industry can no longer be considered as a low technology area. Better technology, Knowledge innovation & Entrepreneurial skill are required to improve competitiveness at all level of livestock farming.

With growing consciousness of human health & wellness needs, there is a great scope for livestock production business.

Hence issue of sustainable increase of profitability along with technology innovation and adaptation is a concern today in livestock farming like Poultry, Dairy, Piggery and Sheep & Goat. Educating farmer to cultivate entrepreneurship among them for profitable livestock business, Vetrina Healthcare started, Vatsalya Farm Services to improve Productivity, Profitability & Sustainability among all corporate, Large, medium and small livestock farmer.

We are a team of veterinary experts, nutritionists, technical consultants, researchers and functional staff. A balanced mix of experienced and young minds gives us the business edge for today, at the same time keeping us geared up for tomorrow’s challenges

Our Technical Expertise & Services to help farmers are mentioned below:


  1. Farm Establishment- Poultry, Dairy, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Aqua
  2. Farm Tech and Financial audit and solution
  3. Human Resource Training & Development.
  4. Herd day to day management practices.
  5. Herd Health management ( Prevention and control – contagious and economic diseases)
  6. Feeding and Water Management
  7. Breeding and Fertility Management.
  8. Fodder Programming, Storage Management (Silage, Hay, Green)
  9. Soil testing and management in respect to fodder.
  10. Hoof care and management (Hoof trimming)
  11. Quality raw milk production (SCC, Antibiotic , Pesticide, Aflataoxin, Heavy metals, low cortisol)
  12. Farm Automation
  13. Milk byproduct processing
  14. Farm waste Management
  15. Organic Farming

Co-Operative milk union and milk producer companies

  1. Farmers Training
  2. Manpower Training
  3. Resource Management (Land, Fodder, Electricity, Water, equipments )
  4. Clean milk Production (SCC, Antibiotic , Pesticide, Aflataoxin, Heavy metals, low cortisol)