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Overwhelming response for launching activity in Western Maharashtra

In October, Vetrina Healthcare introduced the range of nutritional products for optimum productivity, fertility and health of dairy animals. As a launching activity, the company conducted technical seminars for veterinarians, paravet and farmers at different locations in Maharashtra.

During technical seminars, the company focused on burning issues like infertility, mastitis and metabolic disorders and provided concrete solutions through the range of products.

Generating Tomorrow's Solution Today...

At Vetrina Healthcare, we provide complete nutritional solutions from calf to cow and cow to calf for optimum productivity, fertility and health at different stages.

Our nutritional products provide optimum levels of nutrient at different stages as per the need of animals, which helps in controlling critical issues like mastitis, infertility and metabolic disorders. Prevention of these critical issues through nutritional management is the right solution for tomorrow’s challenge.

Vetrina Healthcare has a comprehensive approach to providing solutions for livestock farmers. It is this distinctive approach that differentiates us from just the animal health product suppliers and makes us your reliable go-to resource.


Why Vetrina Healthcare Products?

We give what we say: Right from the selection of raw materials to product formulations under strict specifications to the final link in our supply chain, at each of the stages in our business processes, we ensure strict adherence to stringent quality standards. And loopholes, well… we have zero tolerance for them.

All products are manufactured under strict control in highly sophisticated manufacturing facility that exceeds the requirement of customers.

Our technical team ensures every time that all products are delivered with a constant quality. None of the products can leave Vetrina Healthcare without record.


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